Empowering Young Musicians: Unveiling Our #ThadsImpact Initiative on Crowdfunding Alberta

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest initiative – the #ThadsImpact Campaign. This website is run through the Government of Alberta allowing nonprofits like our to raise funds for ongoing operational needs.
We are dedicated to enriching the lives of youth through music education and this campaign marks a significant opportunity for us to raise vital funds to keep

Starting April 24, our goal is to rally support and raise $2000 during this campaign. What’s even more exciting is that for every dollar we raise within the first 8 weeks, the Alberta Government has pledged to match it, to a maximum of $5000/year. This will double every dollar donated in the first 8-weeks.

Your generosity will directly impact the lives of children and youth aged 7-22, allowing us to cover essential expenses such as music lessons, educational materials, and program fees. Whether it’s providing funding for music books, supporting joint music lessons at the Leduc Boys and Girls Club, or covering essential expenses for Thad’s M.I.L.L, your contributions will make a tangible difference.

It’s important to note only donations made directly on the #ThadsImpact Campaign page with a Canadian credit or debit card are eligible for the government’s matching program. Donations made via etransfer or in-person contributions will not qualify for this matching opportunity.

If you want to support music education and empowering youth, we invite you to join us in making a difference. Every contribution counts, no matter the amount. Plus, with the flexibility to adjust your donation amount on the Crowdfund Alberta platform, you can give according to your means, knowing that your support directly benefits the Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation.

Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram as we share updates on our #ThadsImpact campaign progress and celebrate the milestones we achieve together. Your support is invaluable in helping us create a lasting impact in our community through the power of music education.

Our social media aspect of the #ThadsImpact campaign will also have people sharing stories, pictures, videos of how the Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation has positively impacted their lives. Those who knew Thad in person are encouraged to share their memories of Thad and his love for music.

Tag us @thadsfoundation in your #ThadsImpact post. You can include a message like the one below to help us reach more people with our donation campaign.

Let’s keep #ThadsImpact going! Donate to @thadsfoundation on our campaign crowdfunding site.

Together, let’s make a meaningful difference in the lives of aspiring young musicians in our community. Join the #ThadsImpact campaign today and help us transform lives through music!

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