Call For Performers – Thad’s M.I.L.L Feature Night

On Tuesday December 12 there will be a Thad’s M.I.L.L Feature Night at the Leduc Arts Foundry Open Mic. This weekly events are hosted by the talented Melisizwe Brothers and run from 7pm to 9pm every Tuesday. The Open Mic Nights is a great initiative to help further the arts and music in our local community. Musicians, singers, poets, comedians, and performers of all kinds are encouraged to get on stage to share their art at this community event.

December 12 will be a special Thad’s M.I.L.L Feature Night at the Open Mic. We’ll have performances from Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation funding recipients and supporters. Plus information about Thad’s M.I.L.L , Thad’s Foundation, and the work we’re doing.

If you’d like to perform a song or two at the Thad’s M.I.L.L Feature Night please fill out this short survey by end of day November 20.

If you don’t wish to perform we’d still love to have you attend Thad’s M.I.L.L Feature Night as an audience member. No registration is required if you wish to be in the audience. The Leduc Arts Foundry has their Open Mic each Tuesday at 7pm. Be sure to check out the other great programs available at the Leduc Arts Foundry.

We hope to see you for Thad’s M.I.L.L Feature Night on December 12!

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